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Orchids grow best in environment that’s 60-75 degrees fahrenheit (16 to 24 degrees celsius).  These moderate temperatures, in combination with a little air circulation, will allow your orchid to grow big, beautiful flowers.



Orchids should be kept near a south or east facing window if possible. They need a lot of light, but not direct light. If they are near a west-facing window, the light will be too strong, so you may need to put a sheer curtain on the window. North-facing windows will not provide enough light for your orchid.


How to Water Orchids

How often you water your orchid will depend on your climate, humidity levels and potting medium. Orchids usually need to be watered every few days. When it comes to watering orchids, the most common mistake is overwatering them. Root rot is a disease that is commonly found in this variety of plant.


Avoid Overwatering

To avoid overwatering, water your orchid based on how wet the soil feels. Gently push a few fingers into the soil and then remove them. If you feel moisture on them, you do not need to water your orchid. If you do not feel moisture, it needs a soak. Another way to help you keep track of if your plant needs water is by potting it in a clear pot. A clear pot will show the condensation, and when there is no condensation it’s time to water.


    Pink Orchid Terracotta Pot