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Peace Lily in Ceramic Pot

Great gift for all occasions and beautiful people :)  Freshly bloomed peace lily in a high-quality white ceramic pot with moss and ribbon.


Popular for its simple yet graceful beauty and effective air-purifying character the Peace Lily is easy enough for most growers to care for and maintain. The simplistic look of the glossy leaves and the fantastic white lily that sits above the foliage provides a minimalistic room with an added touch of simplicity.


Feed every 2 weeks with a diluted liquid plant food from spring until fall. The average room temperatures are fine. Avoid lower than 55°F/12°C in the winter. It's important to make sure the place has plenty of light, but not direct sunlight to prevent damaging the leaves. The best environment they prefer is light and shade throughout the day. Re-potting each spring is the usual drill.


Measures appx: H 23 x W 28"

*Pot may slightly vary but will remain a white color. 

Peace Lily in Ceramic Pot


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