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The Fukien Tea is an indoor Bonsai which can only be kept outside all year in very warm climates. It needs a lot of light and in the house it should be positioned behind a window pane where it gets the best light. The perfect temperature is around 20 degrees C (68F), make sure it doesn’t experience much lower temperatures. In summer the Carmona can be placed outside as long as the nights are warm enough. In most cases the winter in our heated flats is a problem for the Fukien Tea. In addition to the few hours of daylight there is the problem of dry air. You can use a plant lamp if necessary and put a large tray filled with wet gravel or foamed clay under the pot for more humidity. When you open the windows in winter, take care that the Fukien Tea is not exposed to cold or even frosty air.


 Keep the tree moist, as it doesn’t like droughts. But be careful not to water too often because it doesn't like soil wetness either. As soon as the soil surface gets dry the tree needs to be watered generously but it must not be left standing in excess water.


Repot the Fukien Tea in early spring about every two years. Root pruning should be done with care because the Fukien Tea Bonsai does not take a great loss of roots well. A well-drained but on the other hand water buffering soil is very important because the Fukien Tea is sensitive to drought as well as excess wetness. A mixture of Akadama with a little humus and pumice is well-proven.


Carmona Bonsai Tree